Energy use across Canada


Canada is in eighth position globally in terms of overall energy consumption and uses more energy per capita than any other OECD country except Iceland. This consumption is also associated with a high energy intensity throughout the Canadian economy (discussed in Section 3.3).

A number of similarities in consumption profiles can be observed across the provinces, notably in the transport, commercial and residential sectors. However, final energy consumption in the industrial sector varies significantly from one province to another. These profiles are discussed in Section 3.2.


  • Canada has one of the world’s highest per capita energy consumption levels, with large provincial variations due to structural differences in industrial sectors.
  • Contrary to almost all other sectors, energy consumption in the transport sector continues to increase, even on a per capita basis.
  • Variations in consumption profiles across the provinces are not limited to industry: there are also important differences in freight transport and agriculture, as well as in space heating and transport choices.